Don’t believe you can be successful.
Don’t set a goal.
Don’t be grateful for what you have right now.
Don’t visualise and imagine the life you want.
Don’t be happy.
Don’t have focus and clarity.
Don’t have belief and confidence in yourself and your power within.
Don’t take responsibility for your life.
Don’t celebrate your success

And above all

Don’t think of a pink elephant!

And what are you now thinking of? A pink elephant! OK, I have to own up and admit I have been a little less than honest with the purpose of this list.

The brain is unable to comprehend a negative command. It doesn’t compute! So in order not to think about something, it has to think about what it is it’s not supposed to think about! With me so far? In other words, if I say to you “Don’t think of a pink elephant, your brain does not recognise the word “don’t” so leaves it out resulting in you thinking about a pink elephant, even though I told you not to!

So, always focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want. For instance, if you say “I don’t want to be a failure.” Your brain doesn’t include the word don’t, so it only hears “I want to be a failure.” And guess what! Your mind will then process and focus on that and being very obliging, will give you what it believes you want!

Choose your words, Focus on what you do want. Stating “I want to be a success” sends the message loud and clear, without any confusion to the mind. It will then give you what you want, not what it thinks you want.

Each statement on the list carried a negative command that your brain deleted, before it got as far as your mind.

So the list is not 10 tips on how not to be successful, it’s actually………………You’ve got it!

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