Birney – April 2009

October 9, 2010

This article was written by a friend of mine, who has had to face life without her beloved husband who sadly died. She has come through the dark times and together we brought her into the light. She is courageous, kind and an inspiration to me and others. I hope she inspires you.

I have published it exactly as she wrote it and have her permission to do so. Thanks Birney!

~ ME ~I have given this mountains of thought; for days now it seems I have struggled to put pen to paper, only now have I dared to do even that!I know now – I dare not dream.  I know now – why I dare not dream.  If I do it will mean leaving the real me, the old me, the me that was part of ‘Alf & me’, behind, abandoned, empty and useless. That me won’t ‘Be’ anymore.And though I have been striving relentlessly to discover who me really is, the search seems endless.  It is the me who is alone, lonely and frightened, too frightened to actually uncover that me – that is doing the searching;  little wonder then that I have not found – me!!

That me, that new me is unknown to me. That me, that new me is strong, resourceful, kind, enthusiastic, motivated.  That me, that new me loves life, is confident, ambitious, intelligent, purposeful.  That me, that new me is spontaneous, positive, goal orientated, successful.  That me, that new me is courageous, thoughtful, intuitive, tolerant.That me, that new me is fearless, uncompromised, grateful and happy.  That me, that new me, undaunted embraces and experiences life to the full, not wasting another precious moment.  That me, that new me – is ME!

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