Clouded Vision

October 9, 2010


Photo by Phil Johnson

I love the work of Joe Vitale. He has opened my mind and my heart. One of the things he talks about, is how we have to disassociate ourselves from our thoughts and understand we are not our thoughts.

He says it’s a bit like us being the sky and our clouds being our thoughts and that we can just watch them drift by.

Now I found this a bit of a challenge, however, I did as he suggests, which is just to accept it and see what comes up from it.

It was a little later, I had a breakthrough with it. Something that just came to me.

When I look up in the sky, it appears from the perspective I’m looking at, that the clouds are in the sky. if I were to “rise above that” as in an aircraft, then it’s a totally different view. The sky is above me and the clouds are below me. It is obvious then that the clouds are not part of the sky. I’m looking at the bigger picture and from a different perspective.

It is the same with a rainbow. From the ground, a rainbow looks as though it is an arc, with both ends touching the ground. If you see a rainbow from an aircraft, you see the whole thing, that it is in fact a circle. It is the sun reflected through the rain and that’s exactly how it appears. When we look at it from the ground, we are limited in what we see!

So it was a real “lightbulb” moment for me and now I understand what Joe means when he says we are not our thoughts. We have to look from a higher perspective. When we do, it is easy to see there is a huge vastness between us (the sky) and our thoughts (the clouds). It is clear the clouds are not part of the sky. That a rainbow is not an arc. We are no longer coming from a very limited perspective of how we believe things to be.

When we lift ourselves higher, it becomes clear!

Thanks Joe! Great stuff!!

I’m Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You. I Love You

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