Joshua Andrew Wilks

October 9, 2010

Joshua Andrew Wilks. I make no apology for repeating the name. It is etched on my heart. It is the name of my Grandson who was “Born Sleeping” on 27/02/09 at 19.34.

Joshua’s birth was induced prematurely. His mother, Carly suffered severe pre-eclampsia, a dangerous, devastating condition that affects pregnant women.

The hospital staff, who were brilliant, were unable to keep her condition stable. On the urgent medical advice of the consultant looking after her and with heavy hearts, Carly and Robin, my son, reluctantly decided to have the baby induced. The severity of Carly’s condition was putting her life at risk.

It was heartbreaking. No words can describe their pain. Before this, I had no idea what a terrible threat pre-eclampsia poses to mother and baby. I thought, as I’m sure a lot of people do, that it was high blood pressure. Unpleasant and a cause of concern but not serious. How totally wrong I was! It is a life threatening condition, its consequences can be devastating. Every six minutes a woman dies as a result of pre-eclampsia.

I am in awe of how Carly and Robin faced their tragic loss. Up until Joshua was born, there was hope he would survive. Sadly, he was just too small. They have shown strength, courage and dignity far beyond their years. Their love for each other has shone through like a bright light for all to see during this dark time. A lesson to us all in how love is meant to be.

I am overwhelmed by the great compassion, understanding, support and empathy from the nursing staff at The Clarendon Wing at Leeds General Infirmary and by their genuine sorrow at the sad outcome. No wonder they are known as “Angels.”

I am grateful I was able to spend time with Joshua. To see him, cuddle and kiss him and tell him how much I loved him has meant so much to me.

The funeral, arranged by the hospital took place on 12th March at Rawdon Crematorium. It was very sad and impossible to see the tiny white coffin and not be moved to tears. It did, however, give a sense of closure to us all – a feeling we could all begin to move on.

I want the name Joshua Andrew Wilks to be remembered and loved. I want the name Joshua Andrew Wilks to be associated with all that is good. I want the name Joshua Andrew Wilks to live on in people’s hearts.

I truly believe it is possible to make that happen. Joshua’s legacy to this generation and the next.

Goodnight Joshua,  and God Bless! I will  love and remember you for all time.

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