The Lord of the Rings

October 9, 2010




I first read “Lord of the Rings” 40 years ago at the tender age of 17 and have since read it around ten times and seen Peter Jackson’s magnificent trilogy of films, which I now have in a DVD box set, as well as still owning a very tatty copy of the book.

I was reminded of this wonderful epic when I recently read Adrian Gilpin’s book “Unstoppable” (which I would highly recommend to anybody!! Life changing! Fabulous book! )

In the book, one of the things he talks about  is the magic of ”Lord of the Rings” and it started me thinking about it again and how Peter Jackson’s film, for me, really captured the essence and characters of the book to a tee. Then I remembered something I said  years ago, when several attempts were made, fairly unsuccessfully, to turn the book into a film. What I  said  at that time, has now made me realise how our thinking can be so limited by our own perspective of the way things are.

“Nobody will ever be able to make a film of it using people” I declared aged around 21. (Meaning it could only be made as an animation) ”They would never be able to create the characters or the places as they are in the book or tell the story in one film.” And then I said these dreadful words  ”It’s impossible!”

Well of course, when I was 21 which was in 1974, it was true that the technology was not available, the right film maker with the right vision was not around, the actors, sets,  etc., etc., and therefore, with  all that evidence,  I could not see how it could possibly ever happen!

Fast forward another 30 odd years, not only was it possible, it  became brilliantly, stunningly real and I was there at the premiere every year of for all three, fully immersed, carried along with the wonder of it, totally engrossed, along with my son who had grown up listening to the story, that I told him with such enthusiasm!

So the lesson I have learnt is that just because I could not see how it would happen, does not mean it was impossible. It just meant that it was not possible yet! Big difference!

Whenever you are facing anything that you believe to be impossible, then learn from my experience. Do not be limited by your own perspective as I was. Rather than think “impossible”, change your thinking to ” maybe not possible yet” ( and of course “yet” could mean a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a year). It opens up your mind to believing it is possible and the limits vanish, just like Gandalf’s magic!!

Anything is possible! Peter Jackson’s  spellbinding and visionary masterpiece Lord of the Rings proves it!

Just as well he didn’t listen to me back in 1974. Luckily, he was only 15 at the time and lived in New Zealand, so chances would have been pretty slim! Phew!

And with that I’m  off  on a Lord of the Rings marathon and watching all three films in one sitting! Again!!!

Thank you Adrian Gilpin for the inspiration!

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