True Colours

November 2, 2010


 Photo by Phil Johnson

I love the trees in Autumn! Their colours are so magnificent! Reds, golds, oranges, browns, all the different shades and hues are a spectacular sight!

Not being horticulturally minded, it wasn’t until recently I learned that the colours of the trees in Autumn are their true colours. The green leaves of Summer being down to sun, oxygen and an assortment of processes that keep the leaves green. Once the heat of Summer goes, the leaves of the trees come into their own. People even buy trees on the basis of their Autumn colours, not for what they look like in Summer.

Of course it is just for a brief time, as the colder days and nights draw in, the leaves begin to fall, but for that brief shining moment in time when they are in their Autumn glory, it really is a sight to behold and enjoyed!

The same could be said of us. How many of us really show our true colours? Who we are meant to be? We hide our true selves in the Summer leaves of compromise, fitting in,  pleasing others, doing what we think we should,  and being who we think we have to be, rather than who we truly are! Our leaves never have the chance to show their true brilliance! No matter what time of year!

Just like the trees though, we are magnificent when we show our true  selves! We are at our most glorious when we are being who we are meant to be! We are then awesome! we are having our “shining moment.”!

The difference with us is that it doesn’t have to be for one brief moment, we can display our Autumn colours, our true selves season after season, year after year! We have the choice at any moment, any time of year to make that decision! And we can be it all year, every year! Unlike the trees!

It is what we are meant to be! True to ourselves! And when we are true to who we really are, we are an awesome sight!

So dazzle with your true colours! Be awesome! Be brilliant!  A magnificent sight to behold, always in your full glory!

Janet Wilks – 2010

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