Queen’s Jubilee!

June 7, 2012

I love rugby league. I love it because its fast, action packed, great to watch, great crowds, great atmosphere and it’s exciting! I love that the fans have a respect and camaraderie that is unrivalled in any other sport. (In my opinion). I love the fact that when there is a minute’s silence, it is observed impeccably. I love it because it is a sport for all the family. You can take your kids and watch the game without worrying about fights breaking out on the terraces, everybody is there to enjoy the game and have a good time.

But the biggest thing I love about rugby league are the players and not for the obvious reasons!! I love their passion, enthusiasm, dedication, commitment and their willingness to do what it takes and give 100% to get the job done and come up with the right result. 

I love that they take responsibility for their contribution to the success of the team. I love that they look out for, support and encourage each other, not blame or judge when things are not going their way. 

Both my sons play rugby league and they’re good at it. More importantly, they enjoy it. They have both been playing for over 15 years. The friends they made when they first joined their teams are still their friends. They are a team in every sense of the word, on and off the pitch.

This was very evident on Saturday 2nd June, when their team, Queens, were playing in the National Cup final over at Blackpool. My eldest son did not play, my youngest did, despite having a fractured cheekbone and despite being advised it was not the wisest of ideas to play, telling him not to was like telling the tide not to come in! He wasn’t going to be stopped!

The team arrived as “underdogs” which only served to increase their belief in themselves that they could do it (never any doubt in their minds! They’d already organised the after match celebrations!) and motivated them to an awesome win and come back to Leeds with the cup. This was the second time they had won the cup in three years! Some achievement!

The secret to their success is that they have the belief in each other as well as themselves. Everybody does their bit, using their individual strengths and skills to the utmost for the success of the team.  There certainly is no I in this team! They are a unit!  If one was to break a leg, they would all limp! They trust and respect each other and that is what makes them so strong! They ignore anything negative thrown their way and overcome adversity because they have  tremendous team spirit! That’s why they are winners!

I’m pretty sure we could all learn something from that!

So, that’s why I love rugby league and especially why I love Queens! Brill lads! 

Oh yes! It was also my birthday on Saturday, so a wonderful birthday present! Thanks lads!


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  • avatar jennyrcooper says:

    Janet, what an inspiring post. No wonder you love rugby league! I have never watched it myself, and this could almost tempt me to do so. It is so impressive to hear about the values and relationships at all levels, the players, and the fans and supporters. And they demonstrate all that is excellent in being in a team.
    Thanks for sharing this, it comes from your heart.
    best wishes

    • avatar janetwilks says:

      Thanks Jenny! I am very passionate about it! Had to learn when my sons started playing a long time ago! Bit unusual for a southerner to be into rugby league! Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Great testament to you too Janet. Your sons learnt lessons from you and are now within a unit that is trusting, encouraging and totally worthwhile – great blog and you have such an inspiring way of writing. Thank you for showing us an area of your world – and belated Happy Birthday.

    • avatar janetwilks says:

      Thank you Michelle. I have to say the Queens team are a very special bunch of lads and very close to my heart, I’ve known most of them since they were young bless them! They inspire me!

  • avatar Sarah says:

    Really enjoyed your post Janet, you must be bursting with pride! As someone who loves football, but was brought up with Rugby, I can relate to what you say about Rugby crowds. Many a time I have cringed during a football match, listening to my fellow fans. But at Rugby fans sit together, banter and good spirit the order of the day! And as for a team that really works together, moving as one, this is something I’ve seen in the best, and most productive companies, I’ve worked with. SGHx

    • avatar janetwilks says:

      Well I did have a huge lump in my throat at the end of the game! Of course the reasons those particular companies are the best and most productive is because the team work together for the same outcome! Would be good for companies to take note of how sporting teams work together as a unit, I’m sure they would learn a lot as to what team work is really all about!

  • avatar Tilla Brook says:

    I love the passion and values threaded throughout this wonderful post Janet. It’s a brilliant demonstration of what goes to make up a team that not only delivers but has fun in the process. Who wouldn’t want to get involved.

    • avatar janetwilks says:

      True! We all get very caught up in it! I could hardly speak after the game with shouting myself hoarse! Not very ladylike but couldn’t help it!

  • avatar Samira Ali says:

    I have to agree with everyone Janet, your passion for rugby really comes out in this blog. I used to love watching rugby but have not watched it in years – I think I should give it another go!