Reframe or Walking frame?

August 13, 2012


Research shows that a high number of over 50s and 60s worry a lot!  Particularly about  money, ( not having enough and running out) their health, their jobs, retirement as well as a whole other range of issues!

As the average life expectancy is 79 years, that’s a lot of years that are destined to be  spent worrying!

It is worth remembering that us baby boomers, silver surfers, grey brigade, or whatever other name we are known by is the generation that changed the world!   We changed social structure, music, fashion, we were a force to be reckoned with! We even stopped wars by promoting love and peace! We did this fearlessly, courageously and never thought we would fail! If we could do that then, with our passion, enthusiasm and lust for life, what’s to stop us now?

What stops us is our perception of ourselves, what we begin to believe, based on what we read and see, especially in the media, other people’s attitudes around age and a belief that once we reach a certain age, we should behave in a certain way! We build this belief up in ourselves and then it becomes our reality. We become old!

What we need to do is to reframe that perception. In other words, instead of looking at it “Like that” look at it “Like this!”

In his book “The power of your subconscious mind” Dr. Joseph Murphy dedicates a chapter to age, entitled “How to stay young forever” and what he says is so inspiring and uplifting, it is worth buying the book for that chapter alone!

One of the messages he gives is that our subconscious mind never grows old, it is ageless, which means we are ageless! It is not advancing years that has an ageing effect on our minds and bodies, it is the fear of that effect!

Consciously, we grow old when we lose interest in life, when we no longer have dreams and goals, when we are no longer curious, when we no longer have a desire  to learn and achieve. We need to keep our minds open to new ideas, new learning experiences, new interests! Life still has so much to offer us, if we just grab those opportunities!

Welcome those opportunities! If we believe we are too old to take them on, our subconscious mind will accept that and it will become real. Plus, if we are focused on what we don’t want (worries over money, work, health, retirement), that’s what we will get more of. We are missing opportunities for what we do want, because it’s not where our focus is! (Read the article Ras zle Dazzle, for an insight into how this works.)

If we learn something new every day, our minds will always be young! If we focus on what we do want, that is what we will get! As long as we take action to move towards what we do want and away from what we don’t want!

We have so much to give to the world! Our knowledge, experience, maturity, wisdom and we can put that to such good use advising, directing and teaching the younger generation that they can indeed change the world, just as we did and still can! How great is that? What a legacy!

By reframing our perception of age, we can truly focus on the positive instead of the negative that the years bring. We can live life with enthusiasm, passion and fearlessness, just as we did when we were younger, because inside, we have not got older! We can still enjoy a lust for life! So embrace it! It’s why they are called the Golden Years!

Ignore anything that refers to declining years.  Visualise yourself as happy, enthusiastic, curious, ready to take on new challenges and opportunities  and enjoying life to the full and guess what?  It will become your reality!

Colonel Sanders (of KFC fame) was 65 when he had to close down his restaurant business, due to a new highway being built. He was living off a pension of $105 a month and knew he would have difficulties making ends meet. So he decided to sell his chicken recipe to restaurants across America. He spent 2 years driving across the country, often sleeping in his car, rumpling his white suit! He had 1009 Nos before he got his first Yes!  He just kept going and the rest, as they say is history!

His story is a great example of how vision, perseverance, focus, hard work, self belief lead to success, regardless of age!

And I leave you with one final thought.  How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?


Janet Wilks 2012 – is a website dedicated to the over 50s at a local level. There is a services page for local trades and services which is postcode specific and concentrates on advertising local trades and services and what they have to offer to the over 50s.


The photograph is of my son’s rugby team on a recent day out to Blackpool to celebrate winning the National Cup Final in June. They had to dress as “old women” or pay a fine! Most of them opted to dress up!


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