Entangled Souls

March 23, 2013

I believe there are a number of people we meet throughout our lives who capture our hearts. This may be fleeting, a matter of months or a few years,  or it may be something that lasts a lot longer, so long in fact, it only ends “Till Death Do Us Part.” And as we look back over the years with that person,  we know that although they may have had our heart (and we theirs), we loved them, built a life together, there was always an empty space somewhere deep inside, that stopped our soul from singing.

I believe the reason for this, is that although there are many that may capture our heart for a certain amount of time, there is only one that captures our soul. Our soulmate if you like. And that lasts for ever.

In Quantum Physics, there is a strange feature known as “Entanglement.” In his book “The God Effect” Brian Clegg describes entanglement as “The possibility to link together two quantum particles, photons of light atoms, for example, in a special way that makes them effectively two parts of the same entity. You can separate them as far as you like and a change in one is instantly reflected in the other.”

At the risk of having Quantum Scientists throwing their hands up in horror at the comparism, I believe that a similar thing happens to us when we meet our soulmate. There is a connection so deep and so lasting, they will always be part of the same entity. No matter how much time passes, or how much distance between them.

Of course, we may not recognise them at the time we are with them and circumstances, situations, this lack of recognition and egos may mean we lose them, before we know this truth.  When that happens, it may be we never know and therefore never understand why we have this “hole in our soul”, that empty, sad  space, somewhere deep inside.  We do not realise  it is the one who captures our soul  that gives us the ”whole in our soul”.  If we have lost them, before we understood this, that empty space will always be there, unless we find them again. And when we  do know, even if they are not in our lives, we never, ever forget them. The connection is always there.

There are those who recognise and spend their lives with their soulmates. That connection is apparent to all who know them. They allow each other to grow, they are usually the best of friends and seem to know each other’s thoughts and feelings. There seems to be a glow around them that comes from deep inside, which it does, deep within  their souls. No matter where they are, they still “feel” each other. Their lives are rich and full.

So who is the other part of your quantum particle? Who is your soul entangled with?

Does your soul have a hole or does your soul have a whole?

Janet Wilks   Mar 2013    www.nlpeze.co.uk

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