Getting in a right state!

November 1, 2013

When we talk about being in a state, we are usually referring to how much alcohol we have consumed, or how upset we were in a certain situation, or how muddy we are after walking the dogs through the park in the pouring rain!

The reality is that we are constantly in a “state.” These states can be resourceful (positive) i.e happy, ecstatic, empowered, passionate, enthused etc.  or non-resourceful (negative) sad, depressed, angry, worried. And we are all capable of “doing” these states, because we can all remember how those states feel!

When we spend the majority of our time in a resourceful state, we are far more likely to experience success and happiness in our lives. In a resourceful state, it is much easier to take the positive out of every situation. When we are in a non-resourceful state, we tend to focus on the negative. Our state is one of the most important elements in achieving our dreams.

So how do we manage our state? How do we ensure we are in a resourceful state?

Well we know we are capable of experiencing all those different states, so it comes down to choosing which state you want to be in! And then being it! We know we can!

What is being? You cannot think being, you cannot act being, you cannot talk being, you can only experience being! Being just is! Being is consciousness!

Being is a state! Being happy for example. We cannot do happy, we can only be happy!

Choose your state and be that state NOW! It is much easier for instance, rather than try to do things that make you happy, instantly decide to BE happy! Just make the decision! Just choose to be! It really is that simple!

Check in with yourself several times a day and notice your state. Ask yourself

“What am I being right now?” Then choose what you want to be and be it!

Choose to Be! Right Here! Right Now!

And to help you “be” in a resourceful state, have a good selection of positive triggers to set off throughout the day! Get your day off to a fantastic start with a really powerful positive trigger!

A trigger stimulates an event that causes behaviour or state. So to trigger a positive state it’s just a case of thinking or doing something that has the power to change  the current state or behaviour from non-resourceful to resourceful!

We each have our own “Positive Triggers” things that feel good when we think about them or do them so make a list of what triggers are unique to you.

Examples may be 

Listening to a favourite song or piece of music (Maybe really loud! Works for me!)

Think about those times when you really enjoyed yourself!  Maybe a holiday you had, or a great night out!

Watch one of your favourite films that uplifts and inspires you! (Shawshank Redemption always does it for me!)

Go for a walk in the country or hit the shops!

Any activity that clears your head that you enjoy, e.g cooking, reading, swimming, walking, etc.

When you begin to practice this, every day, it will become a habit!  So Practice! Practice! Practice! Remember:-

Practice makes permanent!

And then you’ll always be in a right state! In the nicest way possible of course!



Janet Wilks – 2013




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