What’s Your Story?

February 24, 2014

Our beliefs create our reality. We begin to form beliefs when we start to tell a story about ourselves. We create and continue to build that story, based on attitudes of other people, what we believe to be true and how we believe people perceive us.

When we create our story, we start to live in it, so instead of living our lives as the story teller, we live our lives as the story!

This is great if our story is empowering and positive! Not so great if the story we are living in is negative, disempowering and stops us from being who we truly want to be!

Our story starts with an idea. That idea becomes a belief we have when it becomes a certainty in our minds. It becomes a certainty when we back up our story (our belief) with evidence, through the interpretation of events in our lives.

The good news is, as we created the story in the first place, as the storyteller, we can change it! We do not have to live in that story. If we choose to finish that story, it does not finish us, it leaves us free to create a new one! A story that is exciting, full of wonder and a real page turner!

Our beliefs are based on our own perceived reality of how things are. It is true for us! What we have to remember, it is only our version of the truth. So when we change our perception, we change our truth, which changes our belief and rewrites our story.

To change our story, we just start with a new idea. A new version of the truth. Then we look for the evidence, experience and references to support the story and our subconscious mind will start to believe it. We know we can do this, because we did it so well with the old story! It worked so well that we were living the story we created. So it makes sense that if we can do it so well with that one, we can do it just as well with another. One that is uplifting, full of joy and happiness!

This new story must contain three essential components that we repeat to ourselves every day, so it takes root and grows in our subconscious mind. We make it personal by using I. We make it in the present by using am and we include a positive description  excellent at (fill in the blank!)

The new belief becomes a self fulfilling prophecy (just as the old one did!) and people, opportunities, events will pop up in your new story as if by magic to back it up!

Always remember I am  are two of the most powerful words ever!  So use them well!

And if and when you want to change your story, you are the storyteller,  so you can make as many changes as you want! It’s your story to tell!

Janet Wilks - NLPeze  2014

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