I have over 20 years experience in personal and business coaching. I hold diplomas in coaching, psychology, Emotional Freedom Techniques and I am an experienced Licensed Practitioner of NLP and motivational speaker.

My specialist area of coaching is NLP and working with people to increase their levels of confidence, self belief and self worth on both a professional and personal level.

It is my belief this is achieved through supporting and encouraging individuals to discover their unique potential in their personal and working lives, by exploring and identifying limiting beliefs, confidence and self worth issues and guiding them in breaking through barriers, raising self belief and having the confidence to move forward to achieve personal and professional success.

One of the main problems encountered by individuals and organisations is not the lack of commitment to make positive change, it is the inability to initiate and sustain it.
NLP and Transformative coaching provides a paradigm shifting approach to training and coaching, that allows individuals and organisations to “re-create” themselves by eliminating negative behaviours and limiting beliefs, that cause self defeating and self-sabotaging thoughts and actions, resulting in permanent, positive change.

It delivers training and coaching in a dramatically different way. Programmes are not “Off the Shelf,” they are uniquely tailored to individuals and organisations ensuring maximum benefit, value and results by creating new possibilities for positive action and behaviour and the potential for discovering workable solutions that did not exist before.

This enables businesses to improve results in all key areas, by initiating and implementing changes in behaviours and beliefs within the organisation, causing a fundamental, sustainable shift and creating a culture that is innovative, solution focused, performance orientated and has the ability to continuously adapt to a constantly changing environment.

On an individual basis, NLP creates a shift in thinking, allowing a dismantling of old disempowering beliefs and behaviours and installing a new set of positive, empowering beliefs. By facing and confronting their fears, their lack of self worth and self belief and finding the courage, taking action and overcoming whatever it is that is holding them back, they are free to discover and live to their true potential.

For 15 years I was an air stewardess and retired from that at the grand old age of 35, wondering what could I possibly do? This is what followed! 

I was at Yorkshire Post Newspapers for 10 years as a Sales Trainer, responsible for organising and motivating teams to achieve pre set targets, recruitment, training and on going development of new and existing staff.

I then spent 10 years at British Gas where I was responsible for supporting senior, middle management and support staff in understanding how to coach effectively to improve performance, motivation, attrition and sickness levels. I also created and facilitated workshops and coached on a 121 basis.

I took early retirement in 2008 to set up my own coaching practice NLPeze formerly known as Adopt Coaching.

For a free no obligation chat about how NLP has such a positive impact on individuals and organisations so you can decide if it would be of benefit and value to you ring me on 07904 865847 or e mail me at janet.wilks@live.co.uk


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