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  • avatar Suze says:

    Hi there
    I have just read the blog about Tom Kincaid. I went to school with Tom (I think) and knew of him, although he was a year or so older than me. We were the only two diabetics in the school and I remember the teachers ‘watching us’ at meal times to see what we were eating and quite frankly ‘being publicly told off’ if we chose unwisely! I can recognise traits you describe in Tom, in myself. Maybe its the fact that for all our lives, others have felt free to comment and judge our lives and our choices (often with less knowledge about diabetes than ourselves). I wish Tom all the best and am glad he is doing okay.

    • avatar janetwilks says:

      Thank you for this! Yes, it may have something to do with it, although I prefer to believe that in spite of that or even because of it, you became the strong people you are today and are true to who you are!

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