“Running 3 businesses and keeping actively fit and healthy takes a lot of time. I realise it is just as important to nourish my mind as well my body to stay in a peak condition and this is where Janet’s book comes in. This is a great book for people on the go as well as for people who have time to slowly sail through the pages, cast their nets and fish out the words of wisdom. Words to be used as guidance and inspiration in our daily lives. I highly recommend this book for anyone beginning their personal development journey or for anyone who is in the journey already and needs something to fuel the flames of their growing minds. “  Brad Potterton www.quintessentialstudios.co.uk

May I say that reading through your ‘Messages’ ebook positively elevated my state and left me feeling energised, focussed and re-tuned.  It is a fabulous point of reference for anyone who needs a ‘pick me up’ and gives the reader the inner strength to get up and get on with enjoying a fantastic life. Quotes to ‘kick start’ the rest of your life.                 Thank you  David Newsome- Hedpop 

“For all that I have achieved in my life so far it is fair to say that in some areas I am essentially lazy.  Reading is one of those areas.   I am a scanner, I like to be able to put my finger on something fairly quickly or I will lose interest.  That is the reason I like “Messages” is because not only is it a ready reference to some brilliant quotes it also puts them in order of subject.  It is a book that everyone should have lying around in their office for those times when “a shot in the attitude2 is called for.”

 Clive Gott  www.clivegott.com*

* Sadly since this book was written Clive Gott  died suddenly on February 19th 2011 aged 52. He is greatly missed by all of us who knew him and were inspired by him.


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